About NITS

Today being an engineer is not enough; you need to be a cut above. You need the technology edge that will make you stand out and NITS does just that. It offers you the latest technology before others and gives you the most comprehensive range of courses. Designed especially for engineering and IT students, the course helps to create a skilled work force that can contribute to the IT sector. Moreover, certified trainers in specific technologies will teach you a specially designed courses. These training programs cater to the varied requirements of engineering and IT students through their academic session. It not only gives you an edge in your grades but also in getting the desired job and subsequently in your career growth. NITS gives you exactly what you need to outperform.

Why NITS???

Nova IT Solutions recognises that people are its key resource and must be kept happy and motivated at all times. The company therefore constantly works to provide an environment where employees can be creative, especially when it comes to delivering value to customers. We have also fostered a performance-driven culture, with a well defined awards programme, so that the achievers and achievements can be constantly spotlighted, thereby setting new benchmarks for the organisation.